Unfortunately I am no longer the owner of this fine vehicle, which served me well for some years, being used as a daily mean of transportation. I really had great fun with it. At some time it was lowered so much the suspension did not function.

The bug was dismantled for a complete overhaul, but my sickness forced me to sell the parts.

The page below is an extract from my old website - enjoy :-)

Spoiling the SPARKÄFER
- and creating the VW 1203

Keeping the concept proved to be a handful as the 6 Volts installation with its dim light, single speed wiper etc. was not practical in daily use. As You can see I already had added some original "sports" equipment - wheels (see above and below), gear knob, steering wheel,  etc. so I began thinking of converting the car to 12 volts. I bought a 1300 cc engine with a powerfull generator, planning to restore the engine as a replacement for thge 34 HP 1200 cc unit. Being a 1200 car with a 1300 cc engine, the designation must be VW 1203 - or ??


However before I started this operation, the engine died on me, forcing me to buy a replacement in a hurry as I needed the car for daily transportation.
The choise fell on a 44 HP 1300cc engine and a friend installed it for me. We used some of the parts from my reserve unit and I painted the blower house in a chequer finish.
At the same time the car was changed to 12 volts with new 2-speed wiper (with automatic return - WOW), Halogen bulbs, and a powerful Generator to feed it all.
Later I swapped my 6 volt batteries for a set of NOS fog light (see right) and a pair of side mirrors.
I was even so lucky that my friend had 4 original VW hubcaps for my wheels (above).


Some time ago I bought a Popes Nose number plate light, planning to install it instead of the original, larger unit, which I did not think was a correct match for the (original) late 60's rear light units. The nose did not fit the engine cover, so when I found a 1302 cover with cooling ribs (and rain collector) I bought it a installed it together with the old nose (se below)

I also found an old Kamei shelf for the rear luggage compartment. I was in a miserable state, but some hasty repair (black spray paint) and a new homemade fitting to replace a missing unit made it look OK in the car.


Unfortunately the new and very powerful (compared to 34 HP) engine also died on me, throwing a valve head or valve seat in circulation inside the engine.
I therefore got hold of another similar engine which adores the engine compartment now.

The diseased engine will in due time be restored with parts from my reserve engine into a backup unit in case the new one also decides to depart. Until now it sounds healthy and I keep the revs down on it.

Revised 16/11-2002 and oct. 2009