The 1/24 scale model of the car is completely scratchbuilt, using a handcarved balsa wood master to produce upper and lower body parts in thin fibre glass. I actually made the model many years ago, long time before LeMans Miniatures made their kit of this car. The decals were handmade using a photocopier and old decal film, but as I had limited access to photos of the real car at the time, the decals were not perfect.
As the model is from a time where hardly no aftermarket products was available, almost all parts are made from scratch. I used some of the engine parts from Hellers 907/8 and 917 kits and copied the Heller Porsche 917 wheels in polyester resin. Driver figure came from a Tamiya kit.

A few years ago I restored the model with a fresh coat of paint and new home made decals, drawn in CorelDraw and printed on an inkjet printer. This time the task was easier, as the internet now provides plenty of pictures for the modeller.




The picture below is a scan of an old diapositive, but shows the model as it looked originally. The Pit-stop diorama is still existing, but a Ferrari 250 GTO has now replaced the Porsche.

The Porsche 908 Flunder LH (LangHeck = longtailed) first ran as a factory car at LeMans i 1969, but did not finish due to gearbox problems as the enclosed rear end did not provide enough cooling air to keep gearbox temperature down.
For 1970 the Martini International Racing organisation entered this car together with a similar shortailed car (that was totally destroyed in an accident) as well as the striking blue and purple "Hippie" Porsche 917 Langheck. The 908 LH was driven by Helmuth Marko and Rudi Lins and came in third after the winning Porsche Salzburg 917K and the Martini Porsche 917LH in second place.